NDP releases platform with new wealth tax ahead of expected federal election call


Ahead of a widely expected federal election call Sunday, the NDP has released a de-facto platform that includes a new 1% tax on wealth over $10 million, part of the party’s pledge to tax the ultra-rich in order to pay for programs like national pharmacare and dental care. The NDP released the 115-page document outlining its commitments Thursday, which includes such promises as universal $10-a-day childcare, free mental health care for uninsured Canadians, boosts to EI benefits and more affordable housing and telecom bills. Asked at a press conference in Newfoundland about the new document’s similarity to the party’s 2019 platform, leader Jagmeet Singh said he thinks the promises will resonate more with Canadians after the past year and a half. “Sometimes you look at items … and you say, maybe I should have bought that thing last time. And that’s what we’re hoping people realize, that all the things we talked about are things people need now more than ever,” he said. In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, issues like the climate crisis, housing affordability and health care have become more timely, Singh said.

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