Secret Liberal Government Payments To Media Subvert Democracy


How can a country still be considered a democracy when our tax dollars are given — without our knowledge or consent — to media organizations that will then report on the election campaign and shape public perception? There is very little room for debate or disagreement within our centralized political institutions, where party leaders have the power to remove anyone they disagree with and basically end the careers of those who don’t ‘fall in line’ by refusing to sign nomination papers. However, since Canadians are free to start new parties, and since parties are private institutions, a lack of democracy within parties doesn’t completely preclude Canadians from having democratic choice. But, if the government was secretely giving away our taxpayer dollars to media organizations ahead of an election, that would constitute a much larger assault on democracy in Canada. As you’ve probably guessed, that’s exactly what the Liberals have done. According to Blacklock’s, the Trudeau government has given $61 million of your taxpayer dollars to publishers ahead of the election. The government is calling it ’emergency relief,’ and is refusing to name who got the money.

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