Cuomo Quits Over Cuomosexuality, Gets Away With Cuomocide


Nursing home patients who choked out their last breaths still await justice. All over Southeast Asia, there are women and little girls bent over sewing machines in sweatshops churning out “Cuomosexual” t-shirts that no leftist letch will buy anymore. You can’t buy a Confederate flag on Amazon, or a copy of a book challenging transgender identity, but the site is littered with $20 “I Identify as Cuomosexual” t-shirts and rainbow Cuomosexual face masks. Like Andrew Cuomo, his Cuomosexual crap has no future. Now all the Cuomosexuals know just what identifying as a Cuomosexual really means. You can use your $285 “Cuomo for President” cashmere sweater to wrap the shattered pieces of your “Crushin’ on Cuomo” coffee mug, and use it to mug somebody on 5th Avenue. Last year, former Governor Cuomo endorsed tearing down President Teddy Roosevelt’s statue. Now his cult of personality icons are the ones falling on his walk of shame out of Albany.

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