Chicago mayor to boost police budget following cop murder


Days after a police officer was murdered in her city, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot vowed Wednesday to boost police funding next year after it was slashed amid calls to defund the department. “It’s my expectation that the police department budget will increase, no question. We have to,” Lightfoot said at a press conference announcing her budget forecast. She gave no indication of how much she plans to increase the department’s $1.6 billion budget. She only said additional funds were needed to recruit the “next generation” of officers, as well as “increase the resources devoted to the health and wellness of our police officers.” The announcement comes after Lightfoot’s 2021 budget slashed law enforcement spending by $58 million and cut roughly 600 vacant positions amid last year’s “Defund the police” movement. Lightfoot’s decision to increase police spending for next year comes on the heels of the death of Officer Ella French, who was shot at point-blank range while on duty — and as crime rates continue to surge across the Windy City. French, 29, was fatally shot and her partner critically injured after they pulled a car over on the city’s South Side on Saturday.

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