BLM Approval Craters at Just 2% — Has Dropped Whopping 92% Since 2020 Peak


No organization dominated 2020 discourse more than Black Lives Matter. The group and its neo-Marxist, social justice agenda went from relative obscurity to becoming the center of America’s cultural conversation. For a time, this catapult into the mainstream was positive for Black Lives Matter. The movement became highly favorable among Americans, reaching a net support of 24 percent shortly following the death of George Floyd. In the months that followed, however, Americans became disillusioned with the movement. Net support has cratered to a staggeringly low 2 percent — a 92 percent drop. BLM approval hasn’t been this low since August of 2018, meaning virtually all of the gains made by the movement during 2020 have been erased. This severe drop in approval was shown in an online survey performed by Civiqs, asking registered voters, “Do you support or oppose the Black Lives Matter movement?” As of Wednesday, the poll has garnered 238,941 responses over the span of three years. The dramatic decrease can be largely attributed to a precipitous drop in support from independent voters. Net support for BLM then hit its peak — 24 percent — following the death of George Floyd.

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