Biden Admits Keystone Cancellation Was Political, Needlessly Killed Thousands of Union Jobs


President Joe Biden canceled the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline on day one of his administration, but the move has proven to be completely political. In Minnesota, environmentalists have been protesting the construction of the Line 3 oil sands pipeline, with the efforts being led by several local indigenous tribes. As a result, over 600 people have been arrested or received citations during the protests, The Guardian reported. So why hasn’t the Biden administration blocked construction of the pipeline yet? Even though the project was approved under former President Donald Trump, the current White House has supported pipeline construction, saying that the pipeline posed no notable environmental threat. But there is also another underlying reason — public relations. The Line 3 pipeline has yet to become a household name, like Keystone was, so it is easy for the White House to avoid scrutiny on something not gaining national attention. Biden and his appointees are likely also trying to avoid more negative media coverage following his termination of Keystone, and stopping all other federal oil and gas leases.

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