Top 10 Incredible Smells


It was a precious and rare vial of the 1905 perfume, L’Origan, that decided me on the hobby. I openened the box in which it had been delivered and was immediately enveloped in the scent that led one newspaper reporter to exclaim: “All Paris smells of L’Origan!” The perfume had leaked slightly. It was a moment of ecstasy. I was smelling the world as people long past had smelled it. The men who made this fragrance were now just footnotes on the fading pages of history… but this was their legacy and I, now, was a part of it. From that day forth perfume and the scent of the world became my absolute obsession. I acquired all of the rarest and most unusual perfumes and ingredients I could and began to make my own fragrances. As a 16 year old, my first vacation to Europe blew my mind. But it wasn’t the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, or the Venetian canals that stayed with me long after the trip ended — it was the mundane aspects of life: the things that locals take for granted: the color of road markings and signs, the posters in shop windows, the local snack foods, and the sounds and — most-significantly — smells of the place.

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