Today’s Democratic Party Has Evolved into a Progressive Politburo


Recent political events that have unfolded over the past year have revealed a disturbing pattern of an identity politics-fueled progressivism, evolving from its once distasteful authoritarian impulses, towards a more sinister version, that increasingly exhibits totalitarian proclivities. From the tactics used to coerce or extort corporate compliance with the policy preferences of progressives to the current struggle to inculcate public school children with the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT), in word and deed, progressive ideologues are mirroring the tactics used by the former Soviet Union to crush all political opposition and exact compliance with their divisive ideology. The political tactics of progressive partisans, carried out and nurtured through the political institution of the Democratic Party and its subsidiary organizations, including the higher education establishment, the media, and now in corporations, have become overweening, ruthless, acrimonious, and unapologetically extreme. Over the past five years, the pursuit of progressive politics has gone well beyond intemperance.

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