Power-Hungry Politicians Want The Feeling Of ‘Crisis’ To Continue


‘Going back to normal’ means giving up their newfound power. Do you think they want that? We are seeing a more and more definitive split among political leaders in Canada and around the world. Some, like Jason Kenney and Scott Moe have decisively pushed to return life back to normal, accepting that covid will remain with us, while being less deadly due to rising rates of vaccination and individuals recovering from being infected. Others, like Justin Trudeau and Iain Rankin — the Liberal premier of Nova Scotia — are moving in the other direction, pushing for vaccination mandates and vaccine passports. Justin Trudeau has also been talking about vaccine passports, and about mandating vaccines for all federal workers, and all workers in federally-regulated workplaces. One tactic proponents of vaccine passports have been using to promote them is to try and claim that they are the same as regular passports for travelling to another country. “It’s no different than needing to bring your passport to get on a plane at the airport,” they claim. Of course, that is completely manipulative, and not at all a realistic comparison.

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