Chinese Court Rejects Canadian’s Appeal, Plans to Execute Him for Drug Smuggling


A Chinese court decided to uphold the death sentence of a Canadian national who was convicted of drug smuggling in 2018. The Liaoning High People’s Court said it rejected Robert Lloyd Schellenberg’s appeal because “the facts identified in the first trial were clear, the evidence was true and sufficient, the conviction was accurate, the sentence was appropriate,” according to CNN. Schellenberg was first tried in March 2016 and was convicted of drug smuggling in November 2018. According to the court, Schellenberg was sent to Dalian, China, by drug traffickers in November 2014 to smuggle over 222 kilograms of methamphetamine from China to Australia. The prosecution said that Schellenberg worked with an accomplice and tried to repackage the drugs before shipping them out of the port city. His accomplice turned himself in and Schellenberg was later arrested when he tried to flee to Thailand, according to the court. Schellenberg maintains his innocence and appealed the verdict after he received a sentence of 15 years in prison. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized the ruling in 2019 and said the situation was “of extreme concern.”

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