Survey Of Grassroots Canadians Shows Massive Opposition To Both Trudeau & O’Toole Carbon Taxes


In a survey that included many right-leaning Canadians, a full 89% of respondents opposed O’Toole’s carbon tax. Justin Trudeau is not a popular politician. And yet, most surveys show him and the Liberal party leading, with an advantage of anywhere from around 4 to 15 points over the Conservatives. That’s because Canadian politics is like running away from a bear in the forest, you don’t need to be fast to survive, you just need to make sure you aren’t the slowest. So, while Justin Trudeau remains a divisive figure, he is also more popular than Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, who is struggling to resonate with the public. O’Toole’s biggest problem is that while he shares a high level of unpopularity with Trudeau, he doesn’t have support among his own partisans the way Trudeau does. Trudeau has a core of supporters who seem willing to accept any amount of lies and endless hypocrisy from him. But O’Toole doesn’t have that kind of support, and a key reason is his flip on the carbon tax, which has caused him serious long-term damage among those who would have been willing to give him a chance.

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