Hypocrisy: Pelosi Commission Demanded Election Audits, Warned Against ‘Altered Vote Totals’ From Cyberattacks Carried Out By Chinese Communist Party


An election security report authored by House Democrats in 2018 expressed support for post-election audits in response to a plethora of vulnerabilities in U.S. election infrastructure, including machines that could be susceptible to “altered vote totals” and influence efforts carried out by the CCP. The Congressional Task Force on Election Security counted six exclusively Democratic representatives selected by Nancy Pelosi. Convened to “protect electoral infrastructure” from foreign interference, the group published their findings in a 56-page report in January 2018. Many of the assertions about the lax security of U.S. election infrastructure and subsequent solutions are at odds with Democratic leaders position on audits and outcome accuracy. The task force’s primary finding — “OUR ELECTION INFRASTRUCTURE IS VULNERABLE” — appears to lend credence to claims that the results of the 2020 election could have been manipulated by a foreign actor. Upon the report’s release, no mainstream media outlets criticized House Democrats for subverting U.S. democracy with “conspiracy theories,” as they have done with individuals making the same claims in the context of the 2020 election.

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