GUNTER: Latest WE Charity report is bad news for Liberals


They’re baaaaack! In a matter of weeks, We Charity, the group formerly known as Free the Children, has gone from untouchable to an organization under siege. No wonder they reacted the way they did to my very basic questions about their vast real estate holdings. More on that and the email from a defamation lawyer in a moment. If you haven’t been following the news, WE burst into the headlines for all the wrong reasons when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the group would receive a sole-sourced contract worth $912 million on June 25. Part of that contract would see WE take more than $19 million in administration fees for setting up what are described as “volunteer” opportunities even though everyone would get paid. The cozy relationship between WE and the Trudeaus — the PM, his wife and his mother have received platforms on the WE stage and Sophie Trudeau hosts as podcast for them — led to plenty of questions. Turns out more questions that either the government or WE were comfortable with and the contract was cancelled last Friday.

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