Election Workers Scored Thousands of GA Ballots Rejected by Voting Machines, Hand-Picked Votes: Report


Machines act smart. But sometimes they can be really stupid. So human beings have to take over to unravel what machines can’t understand. That happens with election tabulation machines — sometimes a ballot is filled out in such a way that the machine is unable to figure out the intention of the voter. So the machine kicks out the ballot and it’s hand-counted. If the voter’s intention is unclear to the human reviewer, in Georgia the ballot is to be marked “spoiled” and disregarded. At least that’s the way things are supposed to be. But maybe not in Fulton County, according to an in-depth report by Just the News. Absentee ballots in Georgia tell voters that if they make a mistake filling out their ballot, the voter should mark “spoiled” on the ballot, return it to the county board of registrars and get a new ballot. However, some ballots are more “spoiled” than others. The word could be written on the ballot and it still count, Just the News reported. Despite the clear intent of the voter — that the ballot be considered spoiled — the ballot was adjudicated for Biden, with the notation “Mark removed for Donald J. Trump.”

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