Why conservatives need to stop driving the speed limit


Michael Malice, a self-described anarchist, said that “conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit,” and that statement has stuck with me for a while now. It simultaneously seems very wrong, and yet also very true. It seems wrong in that I do think that conservatism has very different principles and end goals than progressivism, and yet the right inevitably seems to be dragged alongside the leftward shift of the country over time. Whatever you think about the issue itself, one could note that it wasn’t even ten years ago that the Democrat President of the United States was, at least officially, not supportive of homosexual marriage. Now, even the majority of Republicans explicitly support it. Beyond just legislation, though, it seems as though every institution in American life has taken a sharply leftward turn. From the National Education Association explicitly supporting the teaching of critical race theory to children, to the ACLU no longer supporting free speech, to even defense contractors sending their white male employees through special privilege training, it seems that no institution has avoided the noticeable, and in some cases extreme, leftward creep.

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