Twitter Suspends Reporter for Pointing Out Established Medical Truth


Vaccines are not safe for everyone. That’s as close to an indisputable statement as you can make. It doesn’t make you an “anti-vaxxer.” It doesn’t make you a conspiracy theorist. You aren’t peddling “misinformation.” You’re stating a very obvious fact. Adverse reactions are rare, sure. For most people, getting inoculated is not risky — far from it. However, that first sentence is a statement of fact: “Vaccines are not safe for everyone.” Yet that statement got a conservative journalist locked out of his Twitter account. On Tuesday, Greg Piper of Just the News — a conservative site founded by investigative reporter John Solomon — tweeted that sentence along with a link to a report from The College Fix, a higher education news outlet. The article dealt with a college student’s battle against Brigham Young University Hawaii, which refused to grant her a COVID-19 vaccine exemption even though she has a medical condition that could make it dangerous for her to receive the shot. When Piper appealed the suspension, he said “[Twitter] told me to delete the tweet and then my 12-hour lockout can start, but unless I delete the tweet, the appeal continues and has no deadline.”

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