The 2022 midterms will be too late to save America


Extensions of time are over. Waiting for someone to emerge to lead us out of this nightmare is over. We The People, the ultimate power of America, the Sovereign, are going to have to take over and take over now. After much anguish, many Americans have symbolically opened the basement door and gone down some of the steps into the dark, feeling dread. With great trepidation, they switch the light on. And there they see the gangrenous body of our country, writhing in agony. The smell freezes them in place and wrestles with a competing urge to run back up the stairs and shut the door. How could this have happened? The first stages of grief take hold. This cannot be real. We have institutions and governance structures that “check and balance” each other. We are a good people who love our country. Perhaps, instead, we are just a human people, and subject to all the imaginative ways a moral core is whittled away in such tiny slivers that one hardly notices. No one writes thank-you notes anymore — a sure first sign. Anger comes next. Desperate parents, wailing as if wounded, plead with school boards not to poison their children with destructive ideologies.

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