Fed’s proposed gun-control rules endanger public safety, group says


A prominent gun-control group is accusing the federal Liberals of endangering public safety by backpedalling on a pledge to ensure firearm buyers have a valid licence. In a written submission to the government, PolySeSouvient says proposed regulations to flesh out federal legislation do not go far enough to keep guns out of the wrong hands. The group, which pushes for more stringent firearm controls, includes students and graduates of Montreal’s Ecole polytechnique, where a gunman killed 14 women in 1989. When Bill C-71 received royal assent in 2019, the government said it would require sellers to verify the validity of a firearms licence before selling a non-restricted firearm, such as a rifle or shotgun. Confirming the validity of a potential buyer’s licence is a fundamental component of any credible gun control regime because stolen, revoked or counterfeit licences can be used to illegally purchase firearms, PolySeSouvient argues.

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