China threatens US after Biden confirms arms sale to Taiwan


The Communist Chinese regime says the US could face “countermeasures” following President Joe Biden’s approval of a $750 million arms sale to Taiwan. The arms sale includes 40 self-propelled artillery units, which is Biden’s first distribution of defence support for Taiwan since he took office. Taiwan believes the provision will improve the democratic country’s security in its efforts to ensure peace in the Taiwan Strait. In response, the Chinese regime released a statement on Thursday accusing the US of undermining “China’s sovereignty and security interests.” “China will resolutely take legitimate and necessary counter-measures in light of the development of the situation,” the Chinese embassy said. The Trump administration also sold military equipment to Taiwan. In November, the former president approved a $600 million sale of MQ-9B drones to Taiwan, which also upset the Chinese regime at the time. China has increased efforts to assert its claim of Taiwan in recent months. Chinese military aircraft have regularly entered the Taiwan air defence zone and Chinese naval vessels have been spotted in waters off of Taiwan’s eastern coast.

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