Wisconsin Election Officials Remove More Than 200K Voters from Rolls


Wisconsin election officials removed more than 205,000 names from their voter rolls on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press. State election laws require that every two years, officials must identify registered voters who have not cast a ballot in the past four years via the Electronic Registration Information Center. These individuals are contacted by mail. Unless the commission hears from an individual who wishes to remain on the list by the specified deadline, his or her name is to be purged. Wisconsin Elections Commission officials told the AP that 174,307 voter registrations had been deactivated because those individuals hadn’t voted in four years and failed to reply to a mailing. They said they deactivated an additional 31,854 registrations of voters who may have moved and did not respond to the mailing. An interesting situation arose in the summer of 2019. Elections officials identified more than 230,000 voters who may have moved. Yet the commission voted to keep their registrations active “until after the April 2021 election to give them several chances to affirm they hadn’t moved,” the AP reported.

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