Opposition to vaccination passports comes from an unexpected quarter


The Democrats, for much of the 20th century, represented the American working class. However, they built their latest political empire by targeting myriad special interest groups: Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, LGBTs, Muslims, Jews, the handicapped, etc. in addition to the reliable college-educated white voters. Despite Democrats’ paeans to diversity, though, the coalition’s disparate members often dislike each other. That schism is showing as blacks and Hispanics realize that the vaccine passports that white Democrats are urging damage their communities. Boston’s mayor, though, is pushing back. Given their consistent unwillingness to subject themselves to the vaccine, it will have a profound effect on blacks and Hispanics that Democrat politicians and political bodies (mostly white), on the one hand, and corporations (mostly white-managed), on the other hand, are working together to demand vaccine passports to function in the modern world. One black politician, Boston’s acting Democrat mayor, Kim Janey, is pushing back against vaccine passports and the like. She doesn’t frame it in terms of liberty, because she’s a Democrat; instead, she analogizes it to slave papers.

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