Levin: Biden’s Defiance of Supreme Court Ruling, Open Border Policy Grounds for Impeachment


Conservative commentator Mark Levin argued Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s defiance of a Supreme Court ruling in reissuing an eviction moratorium and not enforcing the nation’s immigration laws are grounds enough for impeachment. “Joe Biden is the most disastrous president in modern American history. I don’t care if it’s by design or by the fact that he’s dimwitted. It doesn’t much matter to me,” Levin said on a Fox News’ “Hannity” segment. “Moreover, he’s just defied a federal statute, a Supreme Court decision. He knows that the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] doesn’t have the power to extend these moratoriums on rent. He says, ‘We’re going to do it anyway,’ because he listens to this Harvard emeritus professor Laurence Tribe.” The CDC issued an order Tuesday extending a moratorium on evictions, which had expired July 31. The extension lasts for an additional 60 days in U.S. counties with “substantial or high levels of community transmission.” Biden said Tuesday the new moratorium covers approximately 90 percent of renters, according to a White House transcript of his remarks.

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