It’s Disturbing To See People Demanding Less Freedom From Their Governments


Politicians love power, and love to grab more of it. While there are exceptions to this, it’s usually wise to assume that any given politician won’t hesitate to gain more power at the expense of those they ‘serve.’ None of that is a real surprise, and it’s why the most successful Western nations built systems where power is diffused, whether through the division between executive, legislative, and judicial power, and/or decentralization, with various jurisdictions possessing power to prevent power from being overly concentrated in just a few people. Most importantly, the recognition of individual rights and personal freedoms in Western nations ensured that the power of government was limited in a way that would prevent the horrendous abuses that occurred in communist & fascist states. While the Western democracies have not always lived up to the values of individual rights and personal freedoms, the mere impact of trying to adhere somewhat to that framework led to the flourishing of both freedom and creativity that has helped make countries like Canada, the US, the UK, and more among the wealthiest and most successful nations on Earth.

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