Watch: Meghan McCain explains how DeSantis would destroy Kamala in 2024


Meghan McCain leaves “The View” this Friday, but the outgoing co-host for the daytime talk show is making the most of her way out the door. On Monday she projected a landslide win for the Republican presidential candidate in a hypothetical 2024 election race that’d have Vice President Kamala Harris teeing off against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Meghan’s response was inspired by the newest polling which showed Harris being the most unpopular vice president since the 1970s. The issue of immigration being said to explain why. “Ron DeSantis would put her in the ground,” McCain said about Kamala’s prospects in that 2024 outcome. For one, she believes Harris “stumbled when she was running for President. She dropped out before Iowa. She was a very early dropout. She wasn’t resonating with voters way before President Biden was elected.” To explain why, Meghan McCain started off by addressing the immigration elephant in the room. Something that most recently included a new report with video showing hundreds of migrants dwelling under a bridge in Anzalduas Bridge in Mission, Texas.

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