Huge PA Election Audit Development: GOP Senator Says ‘Let the Fun Begin’


As the Arizona election audit nears its end, one Republican lawmaker is preparing to take a critical swing state down the same path. Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano may have just fired the first shots in a battle between the state Legislature and the counties that are refusing to cooperate with a potential audit. In Arizona, the Republican-controlled state Senate clashed repeatedly with officials in Maricopa County before it was finally able to go forward with a forensic audit, the final results of which have yet to be released. Mastriano, who traveled to Arizona this summer to observe the audit, took the first steps toward an audit in his own state last month, The Epoch Times reported. The lawmaker requested ballots and access to voting machines in three Pennsylvania counties: Tioga, York and Philadelphia. The counties, which were given a July 31 deadline to comply, refused. As far as Mastriano is concerned, that meant only one thing: It’s on. “As soon as I get a quorum, we will have a meeting, we will vote on subpoenas, and let the fun begin,” he said last week, according to the Times.

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