Fact Check: Unifor attack ad full of misinformation about Erin O’Toole


In its latest hyper-partisan attack ad against the Conservatives, Unifor made several false and misleading claims about party leader Erin O’Toole. In “The 2021 O’Toole,” Unifor claimed that the CPC leader is planning on “cutting healthcare” and “cutting public service.” Additionally, Unifor stated that O’Toole’s policies were “engineered by big corporations.” Unifor provided little evidence to substantiate these claims. With regard to O’Toole’s position on healthcare, Unifor erroneously claimed that O’Toole supports cuts to healthcare. The sources provided on the Unifor website include one article from 2011 about the Stephen Harper government and another article that makes no mention of O’Toole’s position on healthcare. According to the Conservative party’s official recovery plan, O’Toole has actually made several pledges to fund healthcare initiatives including critical areas such as pandemic preparedness, strengthening Health Canada and ramping up domestic production of critical supplies and medicine. On the claim that the Conservative leader hopes to slash public services, Unifor pointed to his vote for the Harper government’s health spending plan in 2011.

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