Chris Selley: Liberals’ fourth-wave election push looks crazier by the day


On Thanksgiving Monday 2019, I and other journalists tagging along with the federal Conservatives’ campaign arrived at a downtown Winnipeg hotel to find scores of hacked-off evacuees from the Lake Manitoba First Nation awaiting transportation to shelters — the result of a huge snowstorm that left tens of thousands of Manitobans without power for many days. “People who have been evacuated have told us, ‘you should be dealing with the crisis instead of coming here to campaign’,” one reporter posed to Scheer. I got to thinking about that day recently as I continued trying to wrap my brain around the Liberals risking their very comfortable minority government and triggering an election in the coming weeks. Every single day for Trudeau could wind up like Scheer’s Winnipeg Thanksgiving, or worse. The 2019 election happened on schedule, after all, four years after the last one. This one would be entirely Trudeau’s design. At the blunt end of the stick, Trudeau would be asked repeatedly why his attentions were on winning re-election instead of ensuring the smoothest possible exit from the pandemic. And he would have no halfway credible answer.

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