Canada’s Conservatives demand transparency from Trudeau on relations with Wuhan Institute of Virology


Canada’s Conservative leaders are demanding action amid recent additions to the September 2020 Origins of COVID-19 report, which outlined a potential cover-up at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) as the source of the outbreak. The report also analyzed how scientific papers written by researchers at the WIV not only proved the WIV was doing dangerous genetic modification research on coronaviruses at unsafe biosafety levels but also that WIV researchers could genetically modify coronaviruses as early as 2016 without leaving any trace of that modification. The report also claimed that gain-of-function research was happening at the WIV and that it was done in unsafe conditions. He cited statements from the head of the Chinese CDC and the director of the WIV’s BSL-4 lab, who publicly expressed concerns about safety at PRC labs in the summer of 2019. There were multiple requests for maintenance at the WIV, including in their new facility operational for less than two years. Some of those requests included maintenance on “environmental air disinfection system” and “hazardous waste treatment system…”

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