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Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe asserted that “every piece of evidence” he witnessed — including the “most sensitive intelligence” — demonstrates that COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. While arguing that the Chinese Communist Party shouldn’t be allowed to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in a Fox News op-ed, Ratcliffe emphasized how he based his theories on COVID-19’s origins off of the “most sensitive intelligence” while serving as the Director of National Intelligence (DNI): I had access to all of the U.S. government’s most sensitive intelligence related to the pandemic. My informed opinion is that the lab leak theory isn’t just a “possibility,” at the very least it is more like a probability, if not very close to a certainty. “More than 18 months after the virus first leaked into the world, I still have not seen a single shred of scientific evidence or intelligence that the virus outbreak was a naturally occurring “spillover” that jumped from an animal to a human,” he adds while rebuking the Chinese Communist Party and American scientific establishment-approved “lab leak” theory.

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