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While Canadians wait to hear when a federal election will be called, Elections Canada has reassured the public that the pandemic will not hinder their operations. On this week’s episode of Trend Line, Nanos Research’s Nik Nanos discusses what it will take to count the votes amid COVID-19. In June, Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer said that Elections Canada is ready to conduct a pandemic election should one be called at any time, without the need for the federal government to pass its COVID-19-focused elections law changes in Bill C-19. In the last federal election, out of 18.3 million ballots cast approximately 55,000 were done by mail. During the pandemic, the number is expected to be far greater. “We recently did a survey and we asked Canadians how interested or uninterested they were in voting by mail if there were an election this fall,” Nanos Research’s Nik Nanos said on the latest episode of Trend Line. “It might not sound like a big number, [but] 37 per cent of Canadians outright said that they’re interested in voting by mail.” That means Elections Canada potentially could be counting millions, not thousands, of mail-in ballots.

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