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U.S. Capitol Police were instructed to arrest vaccinated staff and visitors on the House side if they do not wear masks, according to a police memo that circulated Thursday. The memo, issued Wednesday by USCP Chief Thomas Manger, reads in part: “If a visitor or staff member fails to wear a mask after a request is made to do so, the visitor or staff shall be denied entry to House office buildings or the House side of the Capitol.” “Any person who fails to either comply or leave the premises after being asked to do so would be subject to an arrest for Unlawful Entry,” the memo continued. It stipulated that a member of Congress who refuses to mask up will be not be arrested but rather “reported to the House Sergeant at Arms’ Office.” Rep. Kat Cammack posted a screenshot of the memo, which she told Fox News was given to her by an unnamed police officer. Cammack claimed police have told her they are “very uncomfortable” with the order. Cammack blamed the strict enforcement on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, writing, “In today’s edition of Pelosi’s abuse of power, Capitol Police have been directed to arrest staff and visitors to comply with her mask mandate for vaccinated individuals.”

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