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As governor general, Julie Payette presented one of the country’s most prestigious civilian honours to hundreds of accomplished Canadians. Now, an advisory council is thinking about taking her own Order of Canada away. CBC News has learned the 11-member Advisory Council for the Order of Canada, chaired by Chief Justice Richard Wagner — who took over the governor general’s duties for six months after Payette stepped down — is considering whether to terminate Payette’s appointment to the Order of Canada. Only seven people have ever been expelled from the Order of Canada in its more than 50-year history — and no one has ever been dropped from the order due to allegations of harassment — says Rideau Hall. “Never has a Governor General been stripped of an honour. It’s as simple as that,” said Michael Jackson, president of the Institute for the Study of the Crown in Canada at Massey College in Toronto. “There is a long process and due process has to take place. If it happens, it will be absolutely unprecedented.” Rideau Hall received a request to revoke Payette’s Order of Canada from a member of the public shortly after Payette’s resignation six months ago.

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