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Minister of Infrastructure Catherine McKenna told press in Edmonton that Canadians “need to reduce air pollution,” despite having herself travelled nearly 30,000 kilometres by plane last year, reports Blacklock’s Reporter. McKenna, who once served as Canada’s Environment Minister, confirmed once again that “climate change is real,” saying that Canadians needed to do their part in reducing air pollution. “Consider that the transportation sector represents a quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions,” said McKenna. McKenna’s comments came after the announcement of subsidies for the light rail system in Edmonton. “Climate policy is actually tricky because it’s not just transit, it’s across all sectors, but it’s also being really diligent at looking at what are your emissions so you can actually tackle them,” said McKenna. “Some of the leadership has been about just measuring emissions and then being very practical in figuring out what are the different ways you can reduce emissions while also doing good things.” Blacklock’s reports that McKenna spent over $22,000 on airfare, with 28,869 kilometres travelled. McKenna has been called out on climate hypocrisy in the past.

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