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NDP leader Jagmeet Singh wrote Governor General Mary Simon to refuse requests to dissolve Parliament, citing constitutional law. Singh said in a letter to Simon that an early election is permissible if the federal government lost the confidence of the House. However, the federal government has yet to lose a confidence vote, particularly those on the speech from the throne and Budget 2021. Ottawa University law professor Errol Mendes said the Governor General, as a representative of the Queen, could refuse a request from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to dissolve Parliament in theory, reported the National Post. But that power, said Mendes, has not been used since the UK regarded Canada as an independent country. He said Singh referenced the COVID-19 pandemic and gaps in legislative work to justify refusing an early election. However, Mendes noted past precedents of Canada in crisis when the governor general dissolved Parliament. The last incident where the governor general refused an early election request came in 1926. Governor General Lord Julian Byng refused prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, which led to a constitutional crisis known as the King-Byng Affair.

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