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Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, an unabashedly anti-Semitic group, has been banned from Twitter — but not for hatred against Jewish people. The final straw for Twitter came when the Nation of Islam criticized vaccines, The Federalist reported. Prior to that, however, the social media giant had repeatedly declined to ban or punish Farrakhan’s personal account or that of the Nation of Islam despite blatant harassment and anti-Semitism. “Twitter moved to ban the account last week after being targeted for promoting ‘misinformation.’ In reaction to the ban, a high-ranking member in the group tweeted, ‘Unsurprisingly, Twitter, Inc. has suspended The Nation of Islam’s official account: @OfficialNOI,’” the Federalist reported. “A report cited by the White House this month said that 12 Twitter accounts are responsible for 65 percent of supposed anti-vaccine content. One of the 12 listed was Rizza Islam, a Nation of Islam member. While Twitter took action against the group after perpetual mRNA vaccines criticism, it remained silent on its previous anti-semitism.” The Twitter ban comes after the account was allowed to operate for a decade spreading anti-Semitic messages.

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