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Wouldn’t it be nice and fair and simple if all the voting systems across the country were the same? Wouldn’t it be nice and fair and simple if every school in the nation were equally as good? Wouldn’t it be nice and fair and simple if everyone had access to robust and identical health care programs? Whether or not one agrees with these statements, it must be said that they have a certain visceral appeal — what could be wrong with structural equality? — and they have a definite rhetorical advantage because if one does not see their merits, one must, therefore, be in favor of structural inequality. And it is this rhetorical advantage that is so sublimely being used now — and always has been used throughout history — to mask the woke’s quest for dominance. For each of the above notions — among countless others — have something important in common: The need for centralization; that is, the need for a centralized power to determine and then enforce exactly what equal means. And that requires people to wield that power.

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