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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has stood out as one of the loudest advocates for defending American values. Throughout his campaign for his third term as attorney general, the Republican has promised to stand up for the Constitution as well as ensure election integrity in Texas by prosecuting the growing stack of evidence of voter fraud. Since his first term, Paxton successfully prosecuted election fraud offenses against at least 155 individuals. He also reported dozens of cases pending prosecution, with at least 386 active investigations. “I’m willing to stand with Texans and with Americans that care about the Constitution, that care our freedoms and care about elections that we can count on and trust,” he expressed. “We’re not gonna back down.” Paxton added more audits from the 2020 presidential election are yet to come. “There’s no reason not to know the truth of every election and certainly because there’s so many questions about this one, maybe even in Texas,” he explained. “We should do the audit and find out what the actual results were so we can better ourselves next time.”

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