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How could we expect Canada to be a strong country when fools are scared of some trucks on the road? Around the world, Canada is seen as a weak country. It wasn’t always this way of course. At one point, Canada had a reputation of a country of tough and hardy people who managed to build up a strong and vibrant nation in quite inhospitable territory. But now, years and years of Canadians being told we are a ‘peacekeeping nation’ (which is false), and that being ‘nice’ is our core attribute has resulted in much of Canada being a nation of pushovers. It’s why countries like China find it so easy to bully us. It’s why we have so little influence on the world stage — far less than many countries with smaller populations. And it’s why so much of our elitist class is able to get away with a level of truly pathetic weakness that wouldn’t happen in other places. Just consider this article by Toronto columnist Marcus Gee of the Globe & Mail, as he claims “pickup trucks are a plague on Canadian streets.” Our country is increasingly being run by people who want to control the lives of others, because they are too scared to take control of their own lives and take personal responsibility.

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