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Unfortunately, many Canadians seem reluctant to comprehend the consequences of this anti-freedom, anti-democratic agenda. Like a zombie, Bill C-10 & C-36 continue marching on, even when seemingly stopped. In the video, you can see Jagmeet Singh talking about his view on government legislation against ‘hate speech’, making it clear that the NDP will be backing the Liberals assault on your right to speak freely. You’ll note how Singh says Canada has hate speech laws, but that online “there is no remedy, there’s no way to stop it right now.” Of course, Singh is completely wrong here. His remarks amount to claiming that it is legal to threaten to kill or commit violence against specific individuals or groups online, which is an absurd claim to make. It is illegal to threaten to kill or physically harm someone, regardless of how that threat is made. Further, hate speech laws already apply throughout various communication channels — including the internet. Amazingly, Jagmeet Singh is a lawyer — specifically a criminal defence attorney.

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