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Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland made clear on Tuesday that a tax cut for hundreds of thousands of farmers, small businesses and fishing corporations is lawful, despite concerns from her department. “Bill C-208 was voted on by Parliament and received Royal Assent,” Freeland said in a statement, according to Blacklock’s. “The law is the law.” The bill was signed into law on June 29. The finance department on June 30 issued a news release questioning whether it was valid since “it does not include an application date,” and said cabinet would try to amend it. Freeland said Monday her department would still attempt “technical amendments” at a future date but did not question the validity of the tax cut. “It has become part of Canada’s Income Tax Act,” she said: “The changes contained in this legislation now apply in law.” “We’ve heard already from stakeholders with suggestions,” said Trevor McGowan, director general of tax policy at the finance department. McGowan said the department will “shortly detail proposed amendments.” “It’s difficult to provide a timeline,” he added. Freeland was called to testify Tuesday to explain cabinet’s opposition to the tax bill.

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