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Another homeless encampment in Toronto saw police carry out a June 12 trespass notice as local law enforcement faced civil unrest from far-left protesters. Toronto Police broke through the makeshift barricade on Wednesday and tossed protesters to the ground, with repeated calls by enforcement to “hold the line.” Law enforcement arrested over 20 people at the scene after refusing to leave the park. According to City News, one officer was injured during the altercation after being sprayed with an unknown substance. Several protestors resisted arrest, while others attempted to free fellow protestors arrested by law enforcement. As police advanced, the makeshift walls of protestors linking arms disbanded within minutes. One onlooker told police to “stop being violent,” though law enforcement approached the situation with “the least amount of force.” Volunteers with the Encampment Support Network also distributed water and food to the 17 homeless residents from behind the fence. On Tuesday, police and private security carried forced eviction orders at the Alexandra Park encampment, forcing its residents to leave the area, and arresting three people who clashed with law enforcement.

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