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Canada’s current ambassador to the United Nations seems all too willing to criticize those who want to defend individual rights and freedoms. How many times have we been saying that politicians and government officials are all too-eager to exploit the pandemic to entrench a higher level of government power and authority? You’ve probably said it, I’ve said it, and millions more Canadians have certainly been thinking it. Of course, we get told that it’s a ‘conspiracy theory,’ or that we are being ‘paranoid,’ a clear attempt to gaslight those of us who can see how politicians are so reluctant to give up their authority. And yet, in a recent series of Tweets, Canada’s ambassador the United Nations & former Ontario Premier Bob Rae openly criticized the idea of respecting individual rights and freedoms: “Libertarian thinking on vaccines has to be challenged. It is a widely accepted constitutional principle that autonomy ends where it brings harm to others. Rights are not absolute, they can collide. Public health is important. So are freedom and autonomy. Canada’s Charter specifically allows governments and institutions to take reasonable measures to protect public health.”

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