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Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is holding a special legislative session to address a variety of issues important to Texans across the state. The special session began July 8 and legislators are set to debate matters, including bail reform, election integrity, border security, social media censorship and others. On Friday, the Texas Senate passed two measures involving abortion and critical race theory. The upper chamber passed Senate Bill 3, in turn, reportedly stripping out a future requirement that students learn “white supremacy is morally wrong” while also expanding restrictions on how certain history topics are taught in schools. State Sen. Bryan Hughes (R) said its meant to be a “guardrail” against imposing “division and animosity” on students. “We also will not let a small but growing number of activists use the blots on our history to justify this new regime of otherness on our children, we will not allow that,” he stated. “We will not teach our children, because of the past, that one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex, nor that someone due to their race or sex is inherently racist, or sexist, or oppressive. We will not teach those things.”

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