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A historic moment happened earlier this month, when the Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan announced it had reached an agreement with the federal and provincial governments to take control of its child welfare system and receive support and funding from both levels of government over the next two years. “Today is an example of how reconciliation is possible in Canada. For over a year, over many long hours, Cowessess First Nation was empowered to exercise our full jurisdiction over our nation’s children, youth and families, to lead in creating the vision and design of a child welfare system that reflects our culture, values and priorities, and to lead all discussions on the transition plan outlined in our co-ordination agreement,” said Cowessess First Nation Chief Cadmus Delorme in a press release. “Our discussions weren’t always easy; turning the page on past injustices that we all inherited never is.” Seeing the prime minister kneeling at these gravesites was disrespectful in so many ways. I come from a strict traditional upbringing and we are not allowed to take pictures at our loved ones’ gravesites.

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