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On May 21, federal health officials testified before Congress that only 60% of their employees had received the COVID vaccine. Federal health officials testified at a Senate committee hearing that about 60% of their employees have been vaccinated against COVID-19 so far. There are three COVID-19 vaccines available in the U.S. that have all received emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. More than 279 million vaccine doses had been administered in the U.S. and 60.5% of adults had received at least one shot as of May 21. That was almost exactly the same vaccination rate as that of the public at large. My question, why is the public continually misled that the people not getting the vaccine are just Trump-supporters? Why hadn’t 40% of federal health workers received the shot by May 21, since I am sure it had been available to them for about six months? Neither public health officials nor the press is asking those questions. But if I had to guess, it would come down to trust.

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