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San Francisco is famous for its tech trend-setting, but here’s a different kind of trend-setting now that it’s got a leftist prosecutor who won’t do his job: Shopping from behind locked glass-case barriers. Not just some goods, but now, all the goods… Here’s what appears to be a citizen video, from someone trying to get the attention of the local press, of the Safeway supermarket at Church and Market in an area between the Mission district and the Castro district. Obviously, this is an attempt to thwart shoplifters, given the retail theft free-for-all going on in that city. The problem didn’t just crop up out of nowhere, it’s the result of city policy. Radical left-wing District Attorney Chesa Boudin, raised by Bill Ayers, and formerly Hugo Chavez’s advisor, has declared shoplifting effectively legal if the value of the stolen goods is under $950. It’s all to keep low-level criminals out of jail, he claims, calling it “criminal justice reform,” which is part of the Soros agenda. Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley was reportedly partying with Chesa in Philadelphia this past weekend, so his idea is au courant with the rich cognoscenti.

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