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Active speculation that the country is no more than a month away from a federal election campaign means political leaders are already trying to pierce the long-deserved summer reverie of Canadian voters. New data from Angus Reid Institute indicates that should a federal election be declared for the fall, there would be a statistical tie between the incumbent Liberals and the Conservative Party led by Erin O’Toole. The Liberals would squeeze in an electoral victory earning a third of the votes, compared to 31 percent for the Conservatives. The NDP remains in third place at 20 percent, with the Green Party (3%) and Bloc Quebecois (7%) in single digits nationally. According to Angus Reid, the prospect of another Liberal victory would split the country. Only six percent said they’d be “thrilled,” while 33 percent said they’d be “content” with the outcome. Another 53 percent of Canadians are less enthused by a third-term for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. One-quarter would be unhappy with that result, while 28 percent would be distraught.

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