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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki may have just unwittingly bolstered former President Donald Trump’s case that Big Tech companies have been violating the First Amendment rights of American citizens. One of the longstanding debates surrounding social media censorship is whether a private company like Facebook is even bound by First Amendment protections, as it is a private company and not an arm of the federal government, which is the entity bound by our Bill of Rights from restricting the free speech of Americans. The former president’s argument, in the case of the Silicon Valley giants who have managed to build networks now relied upon by millions as their primary source of news and information as well as reaching their desired audiences, is that these private companies are seriously restricting constitutionally protected free speech. “The American people’s birthright of freedom must prevail against Big Tech and other forces that seek to destroy it. Through this lawsuit, we are standing up for American democracy by standing up for free speech rights of every American,” the former president said while announcing his lawsuit earlier this month.

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