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The federal ethics commissioner agreed Wednesday to review an investigation request towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – one day after the ethics committee voted to block further inquiry into contracts awarded to a childhood friend. Conservative MP Michael Barrett wrote the ethics commissioner Mario Dion Tuesday requesting an investigation into Trudeau’s role in the contracts to see if he violated the Conflict of Interest Code. The Liberal Research Bureau awarded $75,000 in contracts to Data Sciences Inc. for technical support and training related to software that “assists MPs in their parliamentary engagement with constituents.” However, a Globe and Mail report said that another company, NGP VAN, conducted the software training for $1 million since 2016. Barrett referenced comments in his letter from two Liberal MPs, Wayne Easter and John McKay, who had “no idea” as to the role of Data Sciences. Easter could not explain what the firm did for his office, stating that his constituency office and staff managed his social media. “I quite honestly don’t know what [Data Sciences] does,” he said.

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