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On Tuesday, Joe Biden accused Texas Republicans of being behind “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. ” In Texas, as with other states, GOP legislators convened to pass a law mandating voters show valid photo ID when they show up to vote. Democrats, meanwhile, packed up and flocked on private jets to Washington, D.C., to deny them quorum. Across America, “voting rights” have become the top political issue after the contested 2020 election. After courts dismissed their claims, states where results were challenged — Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin — have passed measures for election security, requiring photo ID to ensure that only eligible citizens vote. Eighty per cent of Americans, in a recent Monmouth University Poll, support these measures, with 69 per cent of Black voters endorsing the same. Though the U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld these laws, 6-3, in Arizona, Democrats are undeterred to “stop the steal.” Their ‘For the People Act,’ pending in Congress, would override state election security and end all ID requirements. So far, the Senate filibuster has prevented it from becoming law.

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